10 March 1896 Theodore Herzl meets Protestant Clergyman and Christian Zionist William Hechler #otdimjh

Passing on this amazing post! Reverend William Hechler dramatically affected the course of development of the Jewish state.

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Reverend William Henry Hechler (10 January 1845 – 31 January 1931) was a Restorationist Anglican clergyman, eschatological writer, crusader against anti-Semitism, promoter of Zionism, aide, counsellor, friend and advocate of Theodor Herzl as he developed his vision and plans for the return of the Jewish people to the Land. He was “not only the first, but the most constant and the most indefatigable of Herzl’s followers”, according to Paul Merkely – The Politics of Christian Zionism 1891-1948.


Herzl records a meeting with Hechler on 10 March 1896 in his diary:

‘The Reverend William Hechler, Chaplain of the English Embassy here, came to see me. A sympathetic, gentle fellow, with the long grey beard of a prophet. He is enthusiastic about my solution of the Jewish Question. He also considers my movement a ‘prophetic turning-point’ – which he had foretold two years before. From a prophecy in the time of…

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