Community and the Regathering of Ephraim

In 2012 I felt led to ask Abba for the privilege of living in a Torah-based community. Those prayers were answered in a small way when our friend, Nancy, asked Elizabeth and me to share her home in Morganton NC. Every time life we find it necessary to be away from home for a night or two, upon our return home we find ourselves overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving for the safety and comfort of an environment where Abba’s instructions are received and followed with delight. We three grandmothers count ourselves the most blessed people who have ever lived on the planet because we do not have people in our face every day telling us that we are wrong in embracing the whole of Scripture as instruction for life and blessing. We thank God that as we set ourselves apart unto Him, He made a way for us to be truly set apart unto each other. Now, thanks to Ken, Hanoch, Ephraim, Al, Pete, and others, it appears that we may have an opportunity at some point to be part of a larger community, if not in THE LAND, then, perhaps, in a community of like-minded people. For this my heart pants!


Some would call it synchronicity, I would point to the Ruach (Spirit).  This week has pulled together several very interesting threads that I’d like to share.

En GediFor years, we have desired to live in community with like-minded Torah pursuant followers of Yeshua.  In fact, even before we began keeping the Feasts of Yehovah, the doorway through which we became aware of all of our Father’s commands, we were in regular conversation with some friends bantering ideas about how to come together in community.  I was raised on the missionfield in Colombia, SA living in a community of 60 or so families on several hundred acres hued from the jungle.  To me, the Biblical model has always been a close-knit body of believers functioning as a clan or family.

Recently, I have read and been promoting Al McCarn‘s new book, Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell in preparation…

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