The Elect

Verse List:  elect (ba-KEER) Strongs # H972 and G1588

בּחיר      Bet-chet-yud-resh     house enclosed by the hand of the head”

Interesting word picture and word study. Can the “elect,” “the house enclosed by the hand of the Head,” in the gospel of Isaiah be different from the “elect” that Yeshua points to in Matthew, Mark, and Luke?  Can the “faith of  God’s elect,” which Paul claims to follow, be different from the faith taught in Isaiah’s gospel? Or Yeshua’s gospel?  Why does Peter call the strangers “elect”?

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A Reward Worth Pursuing…

If you consider yourself among the “repairers of the breach,” this one’s for you!


I was only in the US Army for about four years, IMG_20160128_180358573but was blessed to attend multiple special skills schools as well as a nice variety of deployments to several parts of the globe.  When Napolean Bonaparte said, “a soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon,” he might have been speaking of me.  No question, I loved the challenge of hard schools and difficult duties.  In a twisted way, suffering is fun.  It separates the men from the posers.

In spite of the fact that I recognize those bits of colored ribbon fade and will eventually be destroyed by fire, I still pine for those days of testosterone, sweat and tears.  Maybe it’s just the way I’m wired.

Being wired that way, though, is not necessarily a bad thing…  Maybe it has usefulness for the Kingdom.  Throughout Scripture, over and over, we witness God taking…

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