The Elect

Verse List:  elect (ba-KEER) Strongs # H972 and G1588

בּחיר      Bet-chet-yud-resh     house enclosed by the hand of the head”

Interesting word picture and word study. Can the “elect,” “the house enclosed by the hand of the Head,” in the gospel of Isaiah be different from the “elect” that Yeshua points to in Matthew, Mark, and Luke?  Can the “faith of  God’s elect,” which Paul claims to follow, be different from the faith taught in Isaiah’s gospel? Or Yeshua’s gospel?  Why does Peter call the strangers “elect”?

Isa 42:1  BeholdH2005 my servant,H5650 whom I uphold;H8551 mine elect,H972 in whom my soulH5315 delighteth;H7521 I have putH5414 my spiritH7307 uponH5921 him: he shall bring forthH3318 judgmentH4941 to the Gentiles.H1471


Isa 45:4  For JacobH3290 my servant’s sake,H4616 H5650 and IsraelH3478 mine elect,H972 I have even calledH7121 thee by thy name:H8034 I have surnamedH3655 thee, though thou hast notH3808 knownH3045 me.


Isa 65:9  And I will bring forthH3318 a seedH2233 out of Jacob,H4480 H3290 and out of JudahH4480 H3063 an inheritorH3423 of my mountains:H2022 and mine electH972 shall inheritH3423 it, and my servantsH5650 shall dwellH7931 there.H8033


Isa 65:22  They shall notH3808 build,H1129 and anotherH312 inhabit;H3427 they shall notH3808 plant,H5193 and anotherH312 eat:H398 forH3588 as the daysH3117 of a treeH6086 are the daysH3117 of my people,H5971 and mine electH972 shall long enjoyH1086 the workH4639 of their hands.H3027


Mat 24:22  AndG2532 exceptG1508 thoseG1565 daysG2250 should be shortened,G2856 there should noG3756 fleshG4561 be saved:G4982 G302 butG1161 for the elect’s sakeG1223 G3588 G1588 thoseG1565 daysG2250 shall be shortened.G2856


Mat 24:24  ForG1063 there shall ariseG1453 false Christs,G5580 andG2532 false prophets,G5578 andG2532 shall shewG1325 greatG3173 signsG4592 andG2532 wonders;G5059 insomuch that,G5620 ifG1487 it were possible,G1415 they shall deceiveG4105 theG3588 veryG2532 elect.G1588


Mat 24:31  AndG2532 he shall sendG649 hisG846 angelsG32 withG3326 a greatG3173 soundG5456 of a trumpet,G4536 andG2532 they shall gather togetherG1996 hisG848 electG1588 fromG1537 theG3588 fourG5064 winds,G417 fromG575 one endG206 of heavenG3772 toG2193 the other.G206


Mar 13:20  AndG2532 exceptG1508 that the LordG2962 had shortenedG2856 those days,G2250 noG3956 G3756 fleshG4561 should be saved:G4982 G302 butG235 for the elect’s sake,G1223 G3588 G1588 whomG3739 he hath chosen,G1586 he hath shortenedG2856 theG3588 days.G2250


Mar 13:22  ForG1063 false ChristsG5580 andG2532 false prophetsG5578 shall rise,G1453 andG2532 shall shewG1325 signsG4592 andG2532 wonders,G5059 to seduce,G635 ifG1487 it were possible,G1415 evenG2532 theG3588 elect.G1588


Mar 13:27  AndG2532 thenG5119 shall he sendG649 hisG848 angels,G32 andG2532 shall gather togetherG1996 hisG848 electG1588 fromG1537 theG3588 fourG5064 winds,G417 fromG575 the uttermost partG206 of the earthG1093 toG2193 the uttermost partG206 of heaven.G3772


Luk 18:7 AndG1161 shall notG3364 GodG2316 avengeG4160 G1557 his ownG848 elect,G1588 which cryG994 dayG2250 andG2532 nightG3571 untoG4314 him,G846 thoughG2532 he bear longG3114 withG1909 them?G846


Rom 8:33  WhoG5101 shall lay any thing to the chargeG1458 G2596 of God’sG2316 elect?G1588 It is GodG2316 that justifieth.G1344


Col 3:12  Put onG1746 therefore,G3767 asG5613 the electG1588 of God,G2316 holyG40 andG2532 beloved,G25 bowelsG4698 of mercies,G3628 kindness,G5544 humbleness of mind,G5012 meekness,G4236 longsuffering;G3115


1Ti 5:21  I chargeG1263 thee beforeG1799 God,G2316 andG2532 the LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 andG2532 theG3588 electG1588 angels,G32 thatG2443 thou observeG5442 these thingsG5023 withoutG5565 preferring one before another,G4299 doingG4160 nothingG3367 byG2596 partiality.G4346


2Ti 2:10  ThereforeG1223 G5124 I endureG5278 all thingsG3956 for the elect’s sakes,G1223 G3588 G1588 thatG2443 theyG846 may alsoG2532 obtainG5177 the salvationG4991 whichG3588 is inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 withG3326 eternalG166 glory.G1391


Tit 1:1  Paul,G3972 a servantG1401 of God,G2316 andG1161 an apostleG652 of JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 accordingG2596 to the faithG4102 of God’sG2316 elect,G1588 andG2532 the acknowledgingG1922 of the truthG225 whichG3588 is afterG2596 godliness;G2150


1Pe 1:1-2 Peter,G4074 an apostleG652 of JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 to the strangersG3927 scattered throughoutG1290 Pontus,G4195 Galatia,G1053 Cappadocia,G2587 Asia,G773 andG2532 Bithynia,G978 electG1588 accordingG2596 to the foreknowledgeG4268 of GodG2316 the Father,G3962 throughG1722 sanctificationG38 of the Spirit,G4151 untoG1519 obedienceG5218 andG2532 sprinklingG4473 of the bloodG129 of JesusG2424 Christ:G5547 GraceG5485 unto you,G5213 andG2532 peace,G1515 be multiplied.G4129


1Pe 2:6  WhereforeG1352 alsoG2532 it is containedG4023 inG1722 theG3588 scripture,G1124 Behold,G2400 I layG5087 inG1722 SionG4622 a chief corner stone,G204 G3037 elect,G1588 precious:G1784 andG2532 he that believethG4100 onG1909 himG846 shall notG3364 be confounded.G2617


2Jn 1:  TheG3588 elderG4245 unto the electG1588 ladyG2959 andG2532 herG848 children,G5043 whomG3739 IG1473 loveG25 inG1722 the truth;G225 andG2532 notG3756 IG1473 only,G3441 butG235 alsoG2532 allG3956 they that have knownG1097 theG3588 truth;G225


2Jn 1:13  TheG3588 childrenG5043 of thyG4675 electG1588 sisterG79 greetG782 thee.G4571 Amen.G281


2 thoughts on “The Elect”

  1. These scriptures instill more hope in me than I already had. Praise our King that he has looked out for us from the beginning and he will unto the end.

  2. HaleluYah. I am just surprised while i am reading about this word “Elect”, we just recently studied hebrew and begin it with the alephbet and we enjoy every meaning of the letters cause it helps us understand more the deeper meaning of the Scriptures. It just also happen that we got a new car and have a conduction number YR 4679 and we call our new car in hebrew name as Yod-Resh which stands for letter YR, i just realized that it just matches with the word “Bakeer” since we consider our car as our second house that is properly Enclosed by the Hand of the Head. Praise Yahweh for Having us as one of the Elects.

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