Gosnell: Abortion on Trial?

GosnellHave you seen it yet?

This film made me realize that if the laws enacted in New York and other states to allow abortion up to the day of birth had been in place in Philadelphia in 2011, Kermit Gosnell, who murdered tens if not hundred of LIVE babies, might likely never have been investigated or prosecuted and tried.

Thank God for this TOTALLY GRIPPING and POWERFUL tool, which, by the way, was produced against all odds, see article below! I pray it will open the eyes of MANY to RISE UP AND CRY OUT against this unspeakable evil.

According to the producers, it was screened at over 100 colleges in February! Pray that pastors across America will have the courage to show it to their congregations! Pray that youth pastors will have the courage to use this to begin a conversation about purity!

Note God’s amazing timing by delaying the release of the film by three years. I learned from the producers that it began to appear on Wal-Mart shelves on Feb 5th, the very day of the State of the Union Address, in which our president strongly condemned the recent action of New York State allowing and celebrating abortion up to the day of birth.

This may well be the chief issue in 2020, at least from Heaven’s point of view. And the film may well be one of our greatest weapons in the battles ahead.

But, FIRST, we have to repent:

IF My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  (2 Chron. 7:14)

May all devoted to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob truly understand  our “wicked ways” and repent of every individual and corporate sin that causes those who do not understand God’s love, power, and grace to wrongly consider that abortion is “necessary.”

*May we repent for fornication and adultery.

*May we repent for pornography and sex trafficking.

*May we repent for bowing to the God of convenience.

*May we repent for the failure to value children.

*May we repent for our selfishness.

*May we repent for allowing people in office with this evil agenda.

*May we repent for our apathy.

May we truly cry out to God for healing of our land!



From Breakpoint: 

Gosnell the Movie: GosnellThe Murder Case that Put Abortion on Trial

A film [released on DVD Feb 2019 and available at Wal-Mart] is telling the details of a horror so unspeakable, it shocked federal investigators. It’s a story that needs to be told.

Sometimes, a movie is not about entertainment. Sometimes, it’s about something much more important. A film can expose grave evils, and even inspire us to fight those evils. I think “Gosnell: Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” is just such a film.

Directed by Nick Searcy, the movie dramatizes the horrific, real-life account of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the west Philadelphia abortionist whose clinic was described in a 2011 Grand Jury report as a “house of horrors.” During a drug raid there, authorities discovered unsanitary conditions, remnants of 45 aborted fetuses in bags inside freezers, rows of jars containing fetal feet, and untrained staff administering medications, which resulted in the death of at least one patient.

The 281-page report described how Gosnell and his staff regularly delivered full-term babies whom they then killed by “snipping” their spinal cords with scissors. Hundreds of infants were dispatched in this way. Despite numerous complaints to the state health department about the clinic conditions, Gosnell’s filthy abortion mill went without an inspection for sixteen years.

In 2013, Gosnell was found guilty of multiple counts of first-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and felony late-term abortions. All together, he faces three consecutive life sentences.

Along the way, the story became about more than Gosnell himself. It became about the media blackout of his trial. A famous photo of the courtroom was circulated that showed rows of seats reserved for the press, empty. Apparently, the trial of an abortionist who had murdered born-alive infants wasn’t a story newsrooms wanted to cover—at least until they were guilted into it.

All of this is why this movie is so important. And wait till you hear how it was funded. Almost 30,000 people donated to the Indiegogo campaign to make the film. In total, the producers raised over $2.3 million, making it the most successful campaign in Indiegogo’s history.

But, the project has faced serious opposition. The film’s distributors faced a libel lawsuit in 2015 that delayed its release for three years. Finally, five years after Gosnell was sentenced, the movie is hitting theaters. Folks, this one is not easy to watch, but we have to get the word out about it.

Most of the incidents portrayed in the film are exact representations of the real-life events, backed by court transcripts, police interviews, and eyewitness accounts. This is the story of the arrest and trial of America’s most prolific serial killer told in gut-wrenching detail.

But what strikes you while watching the movie is how this is not just about a single, rogue abortion doctor. This was a trial of our abortion laws in this country—laws that rightly prosecute people evil enough to murder a newborn baby, but which condone the killing of babies mere moments earlier, in the womb.

It was also a trial of the news media, exposing the unconscionable bias so many journalists have against telling any story that reflects poorly on the so-called “woman’s right to choose.” It was a trial of government officials, especially left-wing city and state politicians, who turned a blind eye to Gosnell’s dark hole of a clinic for years, rather than risk exposing the routine monstrosities of abortion.

Altogether, a doctor is rightly sent to jail for killing in illegal ways. But the question remains: Why is killing legal at all in this country? In the film, Gosnell and his lawyer question how what he did was different from what happens in clean, brightly-lit abortion clinics every day, often with public funding. It’s a question we all should be asking.