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E-Sword Free Software  More than anything else, this program has helped me to understand what Scripture has to say on any subject.  I have been using this program since 2005 and cannot express my gratitude for it. Locate in seconds every instance of a word or phrase. Quickly find for yourself everything that the Bible has to say on just about anything. Many other functions; but this is my favorite. Ephraim, the northern kingdom of the House of Israel has officially been resurrected with the signing of the Declaration of Dependence and the inauguration of officers and elders March 4-6 2016 in Tampa.   This ministry has an abundance of free streaming video teachings on a number of subjects that will interest those who are trying to understand whether or not the instructions of Yahweh are relevant to our generation.   Al McCarn’s unique gift of connecting cultural elements to the weekly torah portion is guaranteed to provoke you to dig in your Bible.  Internet television 24 hours a day with a variety of solid Hebrew Roots teachers     Live Shabbat services [Sat,1:00 p.m. Eastern] can be accessed via Livestream link on the website anytime after start time.  High quality archived teachings on a variety of subjects as well as archived Shabbat services.    24 hr streaming Internet radio plus archived podcasts for subscribers.

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