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Al McCarn: Dilemna of the Ger

Return of the Prodigal Son by James Tissot

by Al McCarn, The Barking Fox

The Torah Awakening among Christians is creating something the world has not seen for two thousand years:  a growing body of non-Jewish people who are doing the best they can to live by God’s eternal standards (His Torah – Law, Teaching, Commandments), but who do not intend to convert to Judaism.

What is the world to do with such people?  Perhaps the more immediate question is, what are the Jewish people and the State of Israel to do with such people? Continue reading Al McCarn: Dilemna of the Ger

Baptist Pastor Leaves Everything to Follow the Savior

how-magnifying-glassRemnant Road 1/16/2017 on Hebrew Nation Radio. Al McCarn, The Barking Fox,  and author Daniel Holdings interview Jason Towe, a former Baptist pastor whom Yeshua dogged for months with the question, “How do you know?”

Jason and his wife, Amanda, were featured in the documentary, “The Way.” Their fascinating story is just what we Hebrew Roots folks need to share with friends and family who think we have gone mad. Hurry and download! This link will only be “live” for a few days!