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Exactly what is “Scripture”??


tattered torah scroll

In light of Paul’s admonishment about the “Holy Scriptures” (Rom. 1:2, 2 Tim. 3:15) and, in light of Andy Stanley recently advising the church to “unhitch” from the “Old Testament” perhaps it is good to revisit exactly what the New Testament declares as “scripture.”  (Note: this is not in ANY WAY to indicate that the writings of the apostles are NOT inspired of Yah; but rather to make clear that they wholly relied upon the torah, the writings, and the prophets as the Word of Elohim.)  What was earth-shaking to me when I completed this study a few years ago is that there is only ONE verse in the New Testament which is not a reference to the Tanach. You might be shocked, as I was, to see what it was.

This document has been compiled with the use of E-Sword to demonstrate that when the New Testament writers made use of the words “SCRIPTURE” or “SCRIPTURES” they were speaking of the Old Testament.  Continue reading Exactly what is “Scripture”??